Blockchain Value Creation Index

We started working on a model to estimate value creation potential from blockchian porposals and also to guide companies in prioritizing their value creation efforts. The attached chart explains the concept and the data is only illustrative. We are working on using data to start plotting the projects in the months ahead. Many projects in financial services talk about massive economic savings but in reality are targeting moderate savings along with truly significant gains in IT efficiencies. We will use metrics that allow us to delineate the two complementary but sometimes competing goals.

We plan to have a clearer and measurable framework for a dialog around economic value creation and IT efficiencies and not mix the two. This in turn will help us define which projects are economically most impactful and not just technically innovative.

Business KPIs will focus on 10x 100x and maybe 1000x improvement in business metrics like cost, cycle times and process complexity whereas technical metrics will be IT KPIs like processing/storage speed, IT capacity and resources.


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