Things I’ve done on the Blockchain

As usual, someone asked me again, what they could do using Bitcoin or Blockchain in general. Here is my blockchain log I maintain on what I did on the Chain…

  • Buy coins
  • Swap from one type of coin to another
  • Trade coins
  • Buy coffee with coin
  • Buy theater ticket in London with coin
  • Use a coin ATM to get emergency cash with Coin
  • Online shopping with coin (Purse)
  • Donating to charity with coin
  • Birthday gift card with coin
  • Buy electronics with coin (Overstock)
  • Notarized passport and drivers license with coin
  • Notarized business documents and whiteboard notes for copyright
  • Verified identity one name
  • Issued coupons for free burgers to friends on
  • uploading files to store on distributed system
  • traded predictions (play money) for elections on

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