What is the Economic Role of ICOs?

Our focus is primarily value creation in blockchain businesses. In that context ICOs are both promising and relevant. We view ICOs from an economic perspective as a crowdsourcing mechanism similar to Kickstarter and Indiegogo. You are getting a discount off the perceived value of an asset or good similar to discounted products in a crowdsourcing … Read more

Impressions from the Shanghai Blockchain Summit

China has always been a key player in blockchains being the largest in crypto mining especially Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition it is the market with the most speculation behind price movements in the top altcoins. China also manufactures most of the specialized computers used for blockchain mining, IoT and for specialized processing (crypto and … Read more

Getting Beyond Conceptual Understanding of Blockchains

As Linux guys used to say the best way to learn a new tech is to read the code… Well, there are many who are technically inclined but do not have the time or inclination to learn smart contract programming in Solidity or other languages. There are 2 great resources to get you beyond blockchain … Read more

The Real Power of Blockchain – Decentralized Computing

With the blockchain hype at its peak (according to Gartner) there is debate about the real power behind blockchains. Especially as blockchain POCs are increasingly becoming glorified enterprise systems or at least solving problems that other, older and faster crypto and database tech could solve. Some place the power on the hash chain yet that … Read more

Building a Private Blockchain

Today we finally got the home version of the Ethereum testnet up and running on a network of computers each running their own network of virtual machines. This way it is very easy to create a lot of nodes for the private blockchain testnet. Most of the VMs are very light linux distributions like Lubuntu … Read more

The Great Blockchain Hash Arbitrage

There is a lot of talk in the media about the popularity of various digital currencies and tokens. Typically the arguments related the recent cyber attacks, changes in regulatory positions, press releases by startups, growth in venture investments or a completion of a proof of concept by a corporation. Rarely are predictions based on economics … Read more

The need for a blockchain security framework

Since recent hacks question blockchain security – it is a good idea to discuss what blockchain security actually is. This points beyond the normal computer security issues for the server running the blockchain program or the desktop¬†computer running the blockchain wallet. There are hundreds of altcoins and other blockchains so let’s use Bitcoin and Ethereum … Read more

You can live off Digital Currencies at least in the US and the EU

We have tested several services that claim to allow you to live completely on the bitcoin (and some on Ethereum) blockchains. We determined that you need 6 things to be in place for digital currency¬†based living. To be clear there is no such thing as end-to-end digital interactions as long as some actors in the … Read more

Notarizing now on dual blockchains

For well over a year now one blockchain application I use consistently beyond Bitcoin are the various notary services. It is extremely convenient and very useful to notarize presentations, contracts, proposals and other documents on the blockchain. Years from now it will be routine to accept digital hashes like this as legal proof as they … Read more