Beyond the Hype – Always Stay a Dev

Most of the people who talk about blockchains, cryptos and tokens rarely address the underlying technology. Yet, the innovation is not the interpretation of the technology but the technology itself. Priding ourselves to be above the code will not help applying it for consumer and business applications. When I talk to blockchain advocates, especially on the enterprise consulting side, I ask them to show me their testnet. What blockchain do you run at home or work?

  • Do you run a network of bitcoind, geth or nem nodes?
  • What have you learned?
  • Did you try to run a real payment transaction or a smart contract?
  • Did you write at least one smart contract?
  • How would you move across chains?

While we expect our kids to have basic programming skills in high schools, we accept our consultants, business leaders and policymakers to possess none when it comes to digital technology whether it is Solidity, Chaincode, Tensorflow, Hadoop or CAD scripts for 3D printing.

Digital literacy needs to be deeper than skin deep for those setting corporate strategies and policies.

The average high schooler should be able to run a neighborhood blockchain on Raspberry PIs connected like this. Could the rest of us?

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