Blockchain Farm focuses on measuring Blockchain ROI, adds Chain, Hyperledger

Working on business use cases with measurable and quantifiable benefits vs just technical elegance. As the ROI models evolve around the use cases we plan to share them later this year.

In every business process there is the issue of potential savings vs real-world savings. As we saw in Fintech, payments and settlements have the potential of significant cost savings beyond the speed, however most organizations involved still have the same staff, organizations, systems and overhead as before. Digital currency has not provided such benefits when debit cards still have debit card fees, the same way Paypal used traditional credit card and ACH settlement rails and realized speed but not cost advantage.

We are initially looking at business case metrics for the following areas:

  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Business transaction authentication
  • Transportation related IOT/sensors
  • Supply chain security and transparency (provenance)

We expanded our Ethereum based lab to include Chain Core and Hyperledger Fabric. We are experimenting adding Hyperledger’s smart contracts, Iroha as well.

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