Building a Private Blockchain

Today we finally got the home version of the Ethereum testnet up and running on a network of computers each running their own network of virtual machines. This way it is very easy to create a lot of nodes for the private blockchain testnet. Most of the VMs are very light linux distributions like Lubuntu and Arch although we are experimenting with various options to keep the load of the host OS light. The hosts are all average specs with Ubuntu 16.04 with SSD drives, INTEL i5 and 16GB memory with average GPUs.

The focus of the testnet projects for now are:

– development of various consumer oriented smart contracts (home automation and web commerce)
– testing the security of the nodes and the testnet through direct and side-channel attacks
– sidechains pegging our testnet to public blockchains especially Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple
– using smart contracts to interact with the analog world via web app integration like Zapier/IFTTT
– interacting with various IoT sensors and controllers like Rapberry Pi and home automation

More to follow…

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