Goldman Blockchain Use Cases

A few days ago Goldman Sachs published a very thorough analysis of 7 blockchain based use cases. What I liked about the research is that instead of covering a laundry list of possible blockchain projects, it focuses on specific and not far fetched scenarios with a lot of economic data, much deeper than any blockchain study before. They even quantify the potential annual impact of these 7 cases at well over $30 billion a year:

  • identity management for P2P sharing economy like Airbnb and Homeaway)
  • building a distributed smart electricity grid
  • real estate title insurance
  • cash equity settlements
  • repo management
  • leveraged loan trading
  • compliance with KYC/AML laws
Since the study does state a bias towards permissioned blockchain projects, most innovators in the blockchain space are not addressed by the study, most surprisingly Ethereum, Bitcoin and Blockstream are noted only in fineprint. Still, the case study format, thorough economic model that the reader can further evaluate, make this blockchain research the best in a long while.

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