The Other Hard Fork between Currency and Not

With the increasing enthusiasm various industries have for blockchains there is an emerging split between currency and non-currency applications or put another way, consumer and enterprise use cases. People looking to buy a coffee or some electronics will still have to rely on Bitcoin (I’ve yet to find many Ethereum merchants). The business blockchains are … Read more

Supply Chain Everywhere

In the last couple of weeks our pilot discussions moved to supply chains. The bank consortiums are turning the financial use cases further away from breakthrough cost reductions through disintermediation to moderate efficiencies and better security through a better payment rail. It is possible that the future settlement systems will be more secure but unlikely … Read more


For those of us shareholders in the DAO, I’m sure this will be a fun ride.. Guess which way we’re voting on the hard fork of the DAO… I do agree though that app security on the blockchain and off is not mature yet. Not perimeter security or authentication (we have that) but secure design. … Read more

Supply Chain Blockchains

Washington University and BTC Media hosted the first blockchain forum dedicated to supply chain logistics and finance. I found the use cases and applications more practical than the typical fintech blockchain events. Key takeaways from the forum: Unlike banking, supply chain is less burdened with regulatory complexities and the fear of disintermediation by the incumbents (like … Read more

Blockchain vs Traditional Global Withdrawals

As I was traveling to China again I made sure that I’m not without cash this time.. I set up a bitcoin based US debit card and a Hong Kong based RMB debit card and I had my US bank card. Needless to say, all these cards were fully KYC/AML compliant in their jurisdictions and … Read more

Paypal Bitcoin Device Patent

There is a lot of buzz around Paypal filing a patent application for a device that accepts bitcoin as well as currencies. Whether the move is defensive or supportive of public blockchains, Paypal entering the dialog in earnest can only be useful. Most traditional fintechs have been very quiet until late. Paypal moves in the … Read more

Goldman Blockchain Use Cases

A few days ago Goldman Sachs published a very thorough analysis of 7 blockchain based use cases. What I liked about the research is that instead of covering a laundry list of possible blockchain projects, it focuses on specific and not far fetched scenarios with a lot of economic data, much deeper than any blockchain … Read more

Blockchain vision from the Post Office

Most annoucements around blockchains tend to come from startups and consultants positioning their products or services. It is always reflreshing to see an industry vision. This time from the US Postal Service, arguable of the best articulated blockchain vision – without the usual banking industry disclaimers about bitcoin  – getting into all areas important for … Read more

Do not make Blockchains into a fancy database

As blockchain is becoming a corporate buzzword, there is a real risk of forgetting what the revolutionary idea is actually about. No, it is not about a database or IT modernization – as most banks have single-mindedly set out to frame it. Blockchain as a distributed ledger or irrefutable record has very little innovation in it. The … Read more

Setting Up Blockchain Farm as DAO

We are in the process of loading our experiment onto the Ethereum blockchain as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). We are creating the appropriate smart contract and it will eventually be public along with the ongoing projects around value measurement in blockchain-based projects and systems.