Simple Ethereum Smart Contract for Newbies

We all have friends who ask us how Bitcoin works and it is typically easy to explain. People quickly grasp the concept if you show them an app like Circle that looks like Paypal/Venmo but runs much cheaper and faster. It hides the inner workings of the blockchain and later I can show them a proper bitcoin wallet with … Read more

Cashless in China – How Bitcoin Helped

A year ago I was traveling to China and I lost my wallet just before the plane took off from New York. That ominous event taught me about the limitations of fiat currencies. After landing in China, I had no credit card, no debit card, only a passport. And the unintended journey began to be on a business trip … Read more

SWIFT Hacked Again

Another lesson learned in centralized, so called highly secure, mission critical infrastructure (etc) systems as SWIFT is hacked again. Literally every major bank, consulting firm and technology company had a role in creating this system one time or another. I hope at least we rest the case that permissioned, regulated bank-controlled systems are not inherently … Read more

Impressions from Consensus 2016

The blockchain world is splitting into Doers and Talkers. Many of the projects driven by banks, consultants and the consortia are basically proofs of concepts or defensive moves without any firm goals for production systems carrying significant asset value (billions or more). Hyperledger and R3 as of now have no such production project is live. Ripple … Read more

Blockchain Venture Investing to Date

In 2015 74% went into bitcoin startups and 25% in other blockchains. In 2016 the alternative blockchains already getting almost 50% of the funding YTD.



$280 Billion in Global Supply Chain Finance

It is great to see the explosion of focus on supply chain finance as the next area beyond banking and trading. Supply chain has enormous potential for blockchains beyond financing movements of goods like decentralized data flow and settlements based on IoT and sensor data. One of the earliest startup innovators, Fluent recently got a boost … Read more

100 by 100 Principle

If you want to transfer money from the US to Africa, you want to know the total cost. They’ll let you know in 10-14 days. Fees will be anywhere from $40-$70. Bitcoin irrevocably confirms in an hour and the cost will be about 0.4 cents (0.00001 BTC). 100x less cost and 100x the speed. This is the … Read more

Blockchain Notary

An interesting use case: I run a global sales organization and I started using blockchain based notary services on and off to timestamp original documents (after some mysteriously showed up at competitors), notarize email receipts and even notarize documents like passport and drivers license. Some law firms in the US now accept it. I use a … Read more

Blockchain Value Creation Index

We started working on a model to estimate value creation potential from blockchian porposals and also to guide companies in prioritizing their value creation efforts. The attached chart explains the concept and the data is only illustrative. We are working on using data to start plotting the projects in the months ahead. Many projects in … Read more

Things I’ve done on the Blockchain

As usual, someone asked me again, what they could do using Bitcoin or Blockchain in general. Here is my blockchain log I maintain on what I did on the Chain… Buy coins Swap from one type of coin to another Trade coins Buy coffee with coin Buy theater ticket in London with coin Use a coin … Read more